´╗┐The COVID-19 Pandemic is causing a great deal of turmoil and is impeding peoples ability to access health care. We focus on getting the care you need in these difficult times. Please click below to register for the vaccination.

The invisible enemy COVID-19 is currently posing a significant threat not only to the United States but to the world at large. Currently, there is a 3% mortality rate for the general population, a 20% mortality rate among elderly patients or those with chronic illnesses (diabetes, cardio, pulmonary or renal conditions) and a 50% mortality rate for patients with severe reaction to the disease in the hospital.

As healthcare providers our challenge is twofold: managing excessive workload and taking the necessary precautions to assure the safety of our patients. This leads us to the key question of how can we provide comprehensive care while limiting community exposure and the answer lies in telehealth.

Duxlink Health has been at the forefront of telehealth over the last 3-4 years providing care to high risk patients with frequent admissions to the hospital, successfully reducing 70% of re-admissions among our patients. Our approach to COVID-19 is to provide massive access to large populations in the following areas:

  • You will create your own account as a patient for telemedicine visit. This will allow you to access a PCP, including you own if they have the appropriate equipment. Also, you will have access to our specialty physicians to seek care.
  • We can track your condition by you submitting daily vitals (temperature, BP, Pox, weight) so you can get 24/7 monitoring
  • Specialty care access to board certified and regional/national well-known physician in pulmonology, intensive care, cardiology and nephrology to treat you at any time 24/7.
  • Access to international experts with experience treating thousands of COVID-19 patients.
  • Early treatment protocols in place to treat you properly prior to complications arising. As demonstrated in China the key success was treating COVID-19 patients early and not waiting for later stages.

Why COVID-19 is no laughing matter